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On the subject of growing my hair out

On the subject of growing my hair out

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New social media buttons!

social buttons
Hi everybody! I’m excited to show you something I’ve been wanting to do for ages!
Today I carved out some time to make my own social media buttons!  These buttons can be found on the right sidebar (you may have to scroll down), and will take you directly to the home of Mister G Kids all around the web!
I did this for a couple of reasons.  The main one is that all the social media sites have different formats and web standards for their in-house buttons.  So I have little or no control over formatting and some of them don’t even work because my web host doesn’t support them.
So I made my own buttons! Not only do I have complete control over their size, formatting, and behavior, it was an excellent opportunity to continue to improve my site.  In this case, I made these buttons in a style that much better suits the personality of the comic!  I also streamlined some junk I was not happy about in my sidebar.
I hope you enjoy them and that they make it easy to find Mister G Kids around the web!

Teacher tip: Don’t speak

Teacher tip - don't speak

She doesn’t know the rules yet

She doesn't know the rules yet

Afraid of change

Afraid of change
Mister G Kids is back!
Previously on Mister G Kids, I was in an epic battle with the champion of the evil Mr. G.
It’s time to talk about what that was all about.
I wasn’t just being capricious and trying to alienate my audience.  I was, however, growing frustrated, bored, and bitter.
At the time, I had planned a final series of comics that were going to end with the death of Mr. G.  I was going to use it as a way to shut down the comic and move on.
After school ended in June, I went home to spend some time with my family and recharge.  I needed a long break.
After much reflection and rest, It turns out I don’t want to shut Mister G Kids down after all.  I was just seriously burned out from teaching.
So now I’m back! Is it because I’m like this little girl?


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