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Mister G Kids is 2!

Hi everybody! I’m in an undisclosed location with Dick Cheney right now, but I promise I will return soon with new comics!
Oh, and the comic quietly turned 2 years old last week.  I have nothing brilliant to say about it right now, but if you’d like to read what I said after year 1, go here.
¡Hasta pronto!
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No Mr. G comics this week

Sorry to disappoint.  I’m working on some Boozenose the Clown stuff this week with my old collaborator Evan Zes.
I did 5 new comics last week, which I haven’t done for ages, so that should hold you over! See you next week!

must be tuesday new

If our technology looked like the app icon – Part 4

If our tech looked like the app icon - Part 4

21st century classroom jobs

21st century classroom jobs

You’ve heard of the Paper Monitor and the Office Monitor.

Meet the Comfort Monitor!

Today is the first day I’ve ever seen this classroom job and it’s pretty cool.  It helps kids practice empathy in a structured way with responsibility.

It’s also really cute!

I HAVE A DREAM… of Science Fiction Communist Utopia?

I Have a Dream...of 1950s Communist Science Fiction Utopia
This is my reproduction of something a 6-year-old actually wrote for his Martin Luther King Jr. project, and a little rendering of what he might mean.


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