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What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

What's the frequency, Kenneth

In 1986, a total stranger ran up to Dan Rather in New York City, called him “Kenneth,” asked, “What’s the frequency?” and beat the shit out of him.
Kids go out of their way to tell or ask me the most random things, and it always reminds me of poor Dan Rather.  At least they don’t punch me.
R.E.M. also wants to know what the frequency is:
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The smell of Lysol in the morning

The smell of cleaning products in the morning
Lysol® is a trademark of Reckitt Benckiser plc.

Girl Talk

Girl talk

Just so we’re on the same page

Just so we're on the same page

No Mr. G comics this week

Sorry to disappoint.  I’m working on some Boozenose the Clown stuff this week with my old collaborator Evan Zes.
I did 5 new comics last week, which I haven’t done for ages, so that should hold you over! See you next week!

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