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Mister G Kids is 2!

Hi everybody! I’m in an undisclosed location with Dick Cheney right now, but I promise I will return soon with new comics!
Oh, and the comic quietly turned 2 years old last week.  I have nothing brilliant to say about it right now, but if you’d like to read what I said after year 1, go here.
¡Hasta pronto!
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Still busy with Boozenose

Say when 2
Hi everybody!  Sorry it’s been a while without any Mister G Kids comics. I’m still busy with the Boozenose project, but I should be getting a break in about a week. So we’ll be returning to Mr. G land soon.

Writer’s workshop: “I wonder…”

Writer's Workshop Wonderings

Should I be insulted?

Should I be insulted

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

What's the frequency, Kenneth

In 1986, a total stranger ran up to Dan Rather in New York City, called him “Kenneth,” asked, “What’s the frequency?” and beat the shit out of him.
Kids go out of their way to tell or ask me the most random things, and it always reminds me of poor Dan Rather.  At least they don’t punch me.
R.E.M. also wants to know what the frequency is:


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