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Hi everybody, I’m back! Thanks for being patient while I worked on other stuff and took a rest.
New or returning Mister G Kids readers might need to be reminded that virtually all of the comics are based on 100% real things I hear little kids say in school.  This one is no exception, haha – can you believe what the youngsters are saying these days?
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Mister G Kids is 2!

Hi everybody! I’m in an undisclosed location with Dick Cheney right now, but I promise I will return soon with new comics!
Oh, and the comic quietly turned 2 years old last week.  I have nothing brilliant to say about it right now, but if you’d like to read what I said after year 1, go here.
¡Hasta pronto!

Still busy with Boozenose

Say when 2
Hi everybody!  Sorry it’s been a while without any Mister G Kids comics. I’m still busy with the Boozenose project, but I should be getting a break in about a week. So we’ll be returning to Mr. G land soon.

Writer’s workshop: “I wonder…”

Writer's Workshop Wonderings

Should I be insulted?

Should I be insulted


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