Who am I & why do kids write my comics?

about the cartoonist
I’ve spent the last seven years teaching elementary kids – big and small – as a substitute teacher.  People ask me why I sub.  Sure, there are occasional headaches and sometimes it can be stressful.  But the reason I do it is simple: The Kids!  They make me laugh! They have no filter, and they always come up with an observation you would never hear from an adult.  That’s why I get up every morning and go back for more, even if they do kick my ass sometimes.
And I make a comic about it!  Mister G Kids is a sometimes-daily webcomic that usually updates at midnight GMT.  Who writes the jokes? The kids! I have collected years worth of authentic quotes from real students – incidental, off-handed throwaways to them, but to me they are gems – no Hollywood screenwriter could ever come up with this stuff! I plan to continue the regular publishing schedule through the summer and winter breaks.
Occasionally I draw comics that stray from my mission statement.  Just bear with me on those.
I never portray a particular child’s real-life appearance in a comic.  All the characters in my comics are hybrid fictionalizations of all the kids I’ve ever met.  I always change the names and alter any quotes that would identify a real child in any way.  Protecting the identity and safety of children at all times is my number one priority both inside and outside of the classroom.
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If you like my style, please also check out the umbrella site from which this blog spun off – My Black Dad – a collaborative responsorial art blog with my friend Mike.  You may also enjoy these other side-comic-projects in various states of development.  If you’re a kid, please don’t visit the comics you know your parents wouldn’t want you to read!
THIS F*CKING BUSINESS [PG] [PG-13] [R] language, violence
Boozenose the Clown [PG-13] [R] language, violence, sexual situations
Rent Control [G] [PG] occasional mild comic violence
Thank you for visiting! – Matt Gajdoš

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